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Motor Vehicle Accidents:

Medical Malpractice:

  • Protect Your Family from Meningitis
    Meningitis, an infection that can lead to death and brain damage, is sometimes missed by doctors. Thurswell Law cautions families to be aware of the symptoms.
  • Wrong Side Surgery is a Blatant Form of Michigan Medical Malpractice.
    To learn more about cases like wrong side surgery, call the Michigan medical malpractice attorneys of Thurswell Law today at (866) 354-5544 to schedule a free consultation.
  • How Michigan Medical Malpractice Cases Work.
    While most medical professionals are careful and prudent, other doctors and nurses commit careless or negligent acts that harm their patients. If you or a family member has been injured by the negligence of a medical professional, then call us today at (866) 354-5544 to learn more about your legal right to earn financial compensation.
  • Medication Errors
    If you suspect that you were prescribed or administered the wrong medication and have suffered harm as a result, you should first contact your pharmacist or physician and follow their instructions, then call Thurswell Law at (248) 354-2222.
  • Surgical Errors
    Surgical malpractice often results in serious consequences including death. If you have questions about surgical malpractice/errors, call us toll-free at (866) 354-5544.
  • Anesthesiologists’ Negligence Results in Michigan Medical Malpractice.
    If anesthesia is administered incorrectly, it can result in serious injuries including paralysis, brain injury, birth injury, or wrongful death. If you or a loved one has suffered from Michigan medical malpractice, call Thurswell Law today for a free consultation.

Birth Injury:

Wrongful Death:

  • Drunk Driving Leads to Many Wrongful Death Cases
    Drunk driving causes more than 10,000 deaths each year, or one death every 50 minutes. Contact the Michigan wrongful death lawyers at Thurswell Law to learn more about your legal rights if a friend or family member has been killed by a drunk driver. Call (866) 354-5544 today.
  • Defining a Michigan Wrongful Death Accident
    Losing a family member due to a medical error can be horrific. Doctors and medical professionals are trained to provide proper treatment, but sometimes they fail. If you believe a loved one died from a Michigan wrongful death accident, contact Thurswell Law today at (866) 354-5544 for a free legal evaluation.

Premises Liability:

Social Security Disability:

  • How Social Security Defines Disability
    Social Security only covers total and permanent disability (read more to see the exact definition). If your disability benefits claim has been denied, call us today at (866) 354-5544 for a free consultation.
  • Denied Your Social Security Disability Benefits in Michigan – Now What?
    If you are injured and have been unfairly denied Social Security benefits in Michigan, you can appeal the decision. Contact a knowledgeable disability attorney to file an appeal with the Social Security office. Call Thurswell Law at (866) 354-5544 for a free legal evaluation today.

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