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When a patient contracts an infectious disease, diagnosis and proper treatment on the part of the doctor and medical staff is of utmost importance. Whether a patient has just undergone a surgical operation or has been bedridden for an extended period of time, simply being in the hospital exposes the patient to a variety of potential infections such as meningitis, sepsis and peritonitis. Timely diagnosis and effective treatment is critical.

What should happen when a patient has an infectious disease?

Physicians should take a thorough medical history of all patients to help identify the risk of infection. From there, a physical exam must be performed, and blood and urine samples should be taken. In some cases, ultrasound may be needed to accurately identify infections in the chest, abdomen, or pelvis. If an infection is detected, then the doctor should practice caution and follow treatment guidelines to administer the correct dosage of medication to ensure it is effective and to prevent any side effects.

What are examples of infectious disease medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice – as it relates to infectious diseases – typically involves failure to diagnose and/or treat an the disease. If a doctor fails to identify an infection, no treatment will be administered, and the infection can spread or develop further. If the doctor identifies the infection but fails to treat it properly, either by administering too little medication or no medication at all, the patient can experience severe side effects.

What can happen as a result of failure to diagnose or treat an infection? 

Depending on the specific infection and where it is located in the patient’s body, a variety of side effects can result. The list below includes just a few examples:

  • severe drop in blood pressure as a result of untreated sepsis
  • bloodstream infection as a result of untreated peritonitis
  • brain damage as a result of untreated meningitis/infection
  • loss of limb as a result of a post-operative infection
  • death

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