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Understanding Police Brutalitypolice brutality lawyer

Police officers have the responsibility to protect society. It is their duty to enforce the law, not break it. You should be able to trust any police officer and be confident in their abilities and willingness to act appropriately in every situation. Unfortunately, there are times when police officers use bad judgment, exert too much force, or make poor decisions that result in police brutality and even wrongful death.

If you have been a victim of police misconduct, a Michigan police brutality lawyer will advise you of your rights and help you proceed with a lawsuit if it is the right course of action for your circumstances.

Types of Police Brutality

If you find yourself in a volatile or scary situation that calls for police presence, it’s sometimes hard to know where your rights begin and end and whether or not a police officer’s actions are justified. Bottom line: Police officers are not above the law. They are subject to legal consequences, just like every other member of society. Sadly, some officers abuse their authority and make decisions that lead to serious injuries and even death.

Police brutality examples include:

  • using excessive force
  • racial profiling
  • false arrest.
  • wrongful imprisonment
  • excessive taser or stun gun use
  • xexual assault
  • illegal search and seizure
  • forced confession
  • wrongful shooting

The Growing Problem of Police Brutality

Technology has made it possible for more incidents of police brutality to be caught on video and broadcast on the news or social media. With or without this evidence, police brutality appears to be on the rise, with thousands of cases reported every year. Even without photographic proof of police brutality, someone needs to be held accountable.

It’s easy to be intimidated by law enforcement or to think that you have no rights or recourse when you are hurt by a police officer. Don’t be bullied by titles or uniforms. Police may enforce the law, but they must also abide by the law.

When Police Brutality Affects You

Many cases of police brutality or police misconduct go unreported. But just because an instance of improper conduct is never investigated or the offending officer is never pursued, it doesn’t mean the situation didn’t happen. The consequences for the person who has suffered are often dire and long-lasting, resulting in mental, emotional, physical, and even financial scars.

It’s important to know how police officers are permitted to respond to situations. For example, they may use force, but only if it is appropriate for the situation at hand and the threat posed by the other person. A Michigan police brutality lawyer will let you know what the officer was legally permitted to do and where they violated your rights.

If a police officer is in the wrong and you have suffered, it could be classified as police brutality. If your civil rights have been violated by excessive force, it could be police brutality. If you have been dealt a physical injury or lost a loved one because of police misconduct, it could be police brutality.

Hire a Police Brutality Lawyer in Michigan

If you’re not sure if your complaint qualifies as police brutality, talk to a police brutality lawyer in Michigan. Negligence, intentional injury, and unjustified force are all situations that could be considered brutality, but you won’t know for certain without the help of an experienced police misconduct lawyer.

Your police brutality lawyer will determine if you have a case and, as necessary, carry out an investigation to collect evidence on your behalf. Your situation does not need to be severe to be worthy of a lawsuit. Your suffering is valid regardless of the type of brutality you endured. If you believe you have been a victim of police brutality or police misconduct, contact Thurswell Law at (248) 354-2222 to schedule your free consultation. There are no fees unless we collect. Get the justice you deserve.

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