Do Sugary Drinks Cause Cancer? Are Manufacturers Negligent?

Published on July 19th, 2019

sugary drink cause cancer thurswell law manufacturer negligenceWe all know too much sugar is bad for us, but that doesn’t prevent people from regularly enjoying their favorite sugar-sweetened beverages. The common belief has been that the only danger in guzzling down too many sodas or juices would be destroying weight loss goals. Now, however, sugary drinks have been linked to cancer, and the question is: Who’s to blame?

Study Finds Link Between Sugary Drinks and Cancer

After controlling for known variables, an observational study published in the British Medical Journal found an association between drinking sugary drinks and cancer. You know the kinds of beverages: soda, iced tea, fruit juices, anything that tastes super-sweet and delicious.

Over 101,000 people were involved in the study, with an average age of 42. They filled out repeated 24-hour food-intake questionnaires which listed 97 sugary drinks and 12 artificially sweetened beverages. Over a span of nine years, over 2,100 first cases of cancer were diagnosed among the participants. This included 693 cases of breast cancer, 291 of prostate cancer, and 166 of colorectal cancer.

Now, the all-important association: The highest one-quarter of study participants for sugary drink consumption had a 30 percent higher risk for any kind of cancer, and a 37 percent increased risk for breast cancer.

The authors of the study suggest that sugary drinks may promote visceral fat deposits which, when located around the internal organs, could cause the development of tumors. While they do not definitively associate sugar with cancer, and other demographic and lifestyle factors were taken into consideration, the association between sugar and cancer was “still significant.”

What Manufacturers Aren’t Telling Consumers

Do these study findings mean that if you enjoy a daily Coke or Pepsi you’re destined to get cancer? Not necessarily. But it doesn’t mean you won’t either.

Manufacturers of sugary drinks are aware of what’s going into their products. Their goal is to produce something that looks good, smells good, and, above all, tastes good so consumers will buy, buy, buy.

It’s not just sugary beverages that are a problem. There are hundreds of food items available for consumption that manufacturers are willingly making, marketing, and selling. Packaging makes them attractive. Promotions make them seem amazing. Carefully worded ads make it possible for manufacturers to imply that their products are “organic” or “all natural” when they’re anything but.

If you have been duped by a manufacturer and your health has suffered as a result, it’s time to get justice for your pain and suffering. Negligence can happen anywhere, and it can often be intentional, just for food producers to make a buck.

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