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Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance Lawyer in Michigan

Personal Injury Protection Insurance

Having auto insurance is one thing. Understanding how to file a claim on your Michigan no-fault insurance policy after a car accident is another. You may have damage to your vehicle, but what if you are seriously injured, or another person suffers an injury?  Resolution may seem as simple as contacting your insurance company and waiting for reimbursement, but personal injury protection insurance (PIP) can be complicated, and the insurance company does not always have your best interests in mind. Having the help of a Michigan PIP is essential so you can receive your rightful compensation.

What Is Personal Injury Protection Insurance?

No matter who is responsible for your car accident, Michigan no-fault auto insurance laws make clear that your own insurance policy will be used to cover the damages. Some motorists with robust PIP insurance policies, also known as first-party benefits, may have all expenses covered, so much so that it won’t be necessary to negotiate with the other party’s insurance company.

PIP benefits are designed to cover:

  • Reasonable and necessary medical care related to the accident.
  • Replacement care costs, up to a certain dollar amount, to help with things that you are prevented from doing because of injuries suffered in your car accident (e.g., household chores, meal preparation, child care, etc.)
  • Up to three years of lost wages.
  • Death benefits to the family if someone is killed in a car crash.

Problems That Can Arise with PIP Insurance

You may feel confident making your regular payments on your no-fault auto insurance. After all, that insurance is designed to protect you and your family should you be involved a car accident. Unfortunately, and far too often, insurance companies may choose to cut off the benefits of a policy holder.

In the worst cases, you may be told that you are ineligible to receive any compensation from your insurance company. This news is devastating, confusing, and infuriating. Why pay for PIP insurance only to have it fail you when you need it most?

It’s important to remember that while insurance companies are intended to offer you protection and reimbursement for injury, damage, and loss, they are at their core, a business. And insurance companies’ greatest concern is to protect their own bottom line. When this happens, you may find yourself barred from receiving the full settlement you are entitled to after a car accident.

Insurance companies may claim that your compensation has been denied because they allegedly did not receive your claim. If they have not completely denied you, they may delay payments or skip payments, insisting that they need additional information to release funds. Or, you may find yourself being offered a settlement, but one that is far lower than it should be given your coverage and injuries.

Do You Need a Personal Injury Protection Insurance Lawyer in Michigan?

It may seem that making a call to your insurance company immediately after a serious vehicle collision is the smart move, that they are the one entity that is truly in your corner, but the best phone call you can make is to your Michigan auto accident lawyer.

After a traumatic car crash, you need help. A Michigan no-fault, PIP insurance lawyer will help you file your no-fault claim properly and within the one year allotted. If you are involved in an auto accident, contact Thurswell Law for a free consultation. Our experienced attorneys will stand up to your insurance company so you receive the full benefits to which you are entitled after a car accident. Don’t settle for no from your insurer, or patiently wait for a payment that may never come. There are no fees unless you collect. Call us at (248) 354-2222 to schedule your free consultation.


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