What Most People Don’t Know About Car Insurance

Published on April 20th, 2016

What Most People Don’t Know About Car Insurance

Recent studies show that drivers are unfairly paying too much money for auto insurance. Most people are not aware that you can receive a large discount if you have not received a ticket or been in an accident in the past 3 years. Or that certain zip codes offer an even higher discount. The fact is that most care insurance companies keep their clients in the dark at the client’s expense. But why?

Did you ever think that your insurance representative could maybe be scamming you? What drivers do not know is that car insurance agents make more money from your premium. For example, the higher the rate they sell you the more money the agent receives. After reviewing insurance company data, Provide Savings™ found that many drivers were being overcharged.

For the longest time there was no easy way to compare insurance plans. Drivers would have to jump from insurance site to site or phone call to phone call. Now, thanks to Provide Savings™ things have changed. Think of Provide Savings™ like Priceline or Expedia, but for car insurance. You should not even consider purchasing car insurance before you compare quotes from a legitimate, unbiased source, like Provide Savings™. Services like this are gaining a lot of momentum with drivers saving so much money. New rates are as low as $49 from an insurance plan that was costing $139 (rates vary).

Using Provide Savings™ is simple and free. To use their service you simply visit their website, click on the state you live in, and check your zip code. After you have entered in your zip code and some driver information, you can view all of your discounted offers. Try it out today here!
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