No Fault Automobile Accident

No fault automobile accidentNo Fault Automobile Accident

In Need of a No-Fault Insurance Lawyer?

Following a car accident, you could follow the insurance company’s guidelines completely and still have your claim denied. The unfortunate truth is that large insurance companies often spend months delaying your benefits or outright deny you the benefits you deserve. This is where no-fault insurance benefits come into play.

What Is No-Fault Insurance?

As a motorist in Michigan, you are required by law to have no-fault benefits built into your insurance policy. But these benefits are of value to you only if you truly understand them. No-fault means that you are entitled to benefits regardless of the type of car accident and regardless of who was at fault.

One of the largest benefits of no-fault insurance is the fact that it provides unlimited medical and rehabilitation benefits for the injuries you sustained in the accident. Medical costs continue to soar, so it’s more important than ever to understand how to take advantage of your rightful benefits. The cost of hiring an attorney to help with this is small in comparison to how expensive it will be to pay for your own medical costs.

In addition to medical benefits, no-fault insurance provides help with loss of income, funeral costs, and payment for services you need to hire because of your injuries (household chores, in-home care, etc.). Your insurance company must cover these costs with no-fault benefits.

No-Fault Insurance Lawyers in Michigan

Michigan auto accident no-fault insurance benefits are unique to this state. They were put in place to ensure that money is promptly paid to accident victims for their medical bills and lost wages. Unfortunately, too  many insurance companies are willing to collect your premiums but unwilling to pay the benefits you deserve.

Thurswell Law understands how difficult dealing with insurance companies can be, particularly if you or a loved one has just been injured in an accident. We want to alleviate the pressure that medical costs and other bills place on you during this traumatic time. We will get the insurance company to pay you what you are entitled to. Call Thurswell Law today at 248-354-2222 for a free consultation.

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