Minor Car Accident Turns Into a Stunning Show of Road Rage

Published on January 31st, 2019

road rage michigan car accident thurswell lawMark Fitzgerald and Richard Kamrowski got into a fender bender on the crowded Mass Pike outside of Weston, Massachusetts, last Friday. The situation escalated quickly and resulted in a case of road rage unlike any seen before – one man holding on to the hood of a car as it barreled 70 mph down the highway. You could call this situation negligence, stupidity, or both. What’s for certain is that both men are lucky their innocent auto accident didn’t turn into a fatal accident.

Setting the Scene for an Unbelievable Show of Road Rage

After a minor sideswipe car accident, Kamrowski, age 65, stopped in the left lane and got out of his car to talk to Fitzgerald, age 37, who hadn’t left his driver’s seat. After a heated argument ensued, Kamrowki stood in front of Fitzgerald’s Infiniti SUV, allegedly to stop the driver from leaving the scene. Fitzgerald then hit the gas and Kamrowski leapt onto the Infiniti’s hood.

For two miles, Fitzgerald alternated between a slow crawl and speeds of 70 mph on the highway before other motorists worked together to box him in and a good Samaritan with a gun (and a license to carry it) left his vehicle and forced Fitzgerald to get out of the car, stopping him from driving any further. Thanks to stunned passersby with their smartphones, the entire scene was caught on video.

Both men were arrested. No one was injured. And Mass Pike motorists have a story to tell after witnessing one of the most stunning displays of road rage in recent memory.

Negligence in Road Rage Car Accident

There is plenty of he-said, he-said going on in this encounter, making video evidence and eyewitness accounts critical. Seeing how the scene unfolded is important, but the participants’ point-of-views matter too.

One could argue that Fitzgerald feared for his safety when Kamrowski got aggressive about the fender bender. Perhaps Fitzgerald was the aggressor after the older man simply tried to exchange insurance information.

What is certain is that road rage can lead to serious car accidents. Road rage can put the drivers involved in the dispute in danger and threaten the lives of nearby motorists. Fitzgerald was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon on a person over age 60, leaving the scene of a property damage accident, and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. His driver’s license was suspended and he was ordered to stay away from the other driver. Kamrowski was charged with disorderly conduct and malicious damage to a motor vehicle.

Ultimately, one man ended up on the hood of another vehicle and both adults are lucky the incident didn’t become a fatal car accident for either of them, or for bystanders.

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