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Emergency Room Errors and Neglect

The environment in an emergency room can be chaotic and stressful for patients and medical staff alike. Patients rightfully expect to get proper care and thorough treatment when in the ER, but the chaotic environment can make over-worked physicians fail to meet those expectations, either by neglecting a patient’s needs, acting too quickly and carelessly, or mistreating the patient’s condition.

What is an Emergency Room Error?

Given the rushed atmosphere in an emergency room, physicians, nurses, surgeons, and other employees may be neglectful in their responsibilities and make costly mistakes. Such mistakes include:

  • EMT and paramedic neglect
  • failure to treat patients in need of immediate care
  • anesthesia errors
  • surgical errors
  • delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis
  • contaminated blood transfusion

What are Possible Effects of Emergency Room Errors?

When emergency room staff fail to provide care to patients in a timely manner or make mistakes in diagnosing or treating a patient’s condition, any number of serious consequences can result, including:

  • infection
  • stroke
  • heart attack
  • brain aneurysm
  • internal bleeding or hemorrhaging
  • pulmonary embolism

These situations can lead to lifelong complications, disability, or even death. Any error in the emergency room, regardless of how severe, can lead to pain and financial suffering for a patient and his or her family.

You May Be Entitled to Monetary Compensation

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