Michigan Identified as the Most Dangerous State for Teen Drivers

Published on June 7th, 2023

Michigan teen drivers auto accidents Thurswell LawTeens are a notoriously dangerous and inexperienced group of drivers. As a result of their lack of practice on the road and constant distractions, auto accidents are a common occurrence and a leading cause of death for this age group.

Reasons for Dangerous Michigan Teen Drivers

An analysis from the Zebra Group, an organization that evaluates insurance information, concluded that the state of Michigan is the “most dangerous state for teen drivers.” In the United States overall, car crashes are a leading cause of death for teens who are inexperienced and not practiced defensive drivers. Here are three main reasons why:

  • Distracted driving: Most people think of distracted driving as using a smartphone while operating a motor vehicle. This is a big part of the problem but there are other distractions: too many rowdy friends in the car, eating while driving, navigating unfamiliar areas, and reaching for things in the backseat. Add any of these items to smartphone use and you have a double whammy.
  • Speeding: Teenagers feel infallible and in control of their vehicle and behavior behind the wheel no matter how fast they’re going. They may believe they can push the posted speed limit, especially when a road isn’t busy, it’s late at night, or their friends are encouraging them to go faster. They may speed so they’re not late, not realizing just how dangerous this choice can be any time of day.
  • Not wearing a seat belt: Seat belts are not optional. Most cars ding incessantly when a seat belt is not worn when the car is in motion. Teens, however, find ways around this, and there are many who shun backseat seat belts because they think it’s a safe place to be. In an accident, no seat is safe.

The Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers

The days between Memorial Day and Labor Day – called the “100 Deadliest Days” by AAA – are some of the most deadly on the roads for teen drivers. Auto groups, safe driving organizations, and governments encourage parents to set good examples and establish driving contracts for their teen drivers about when they can drive, where they can go, with whom, and what behavior they will follow.

Don’t hesitate to lay down laws for your teen driver, like locking their phone in the trunk while they drive or having no more than one passenger at a time. Zebra Group found that 40% of teens think driving is scary. This indicates that their confidence is low and they likely don’t have the skills to manage complex, stressful driving situations – so make their decisions for them. Per mile driven, teens aged 16 to 19 are almost three times more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash than drivers over age 20.

Were You Involved in an Auto Accident with a Teen Driver?

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