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Vasa Previa Condition 

What is Vasa Previa?

vasa previa condition A normal, healthy umbilical cord, has two arteries and one vein to carry blood to and from the baby. But for one in every 2,000 pregnancies, these blood vessels develop outside the cord near the internal cervical os, which is the opening separating the uterus from the vagina. Without the protection of the umbilical cord, these blood vessels have little support and are at risk of rupturing.

This condition is called vasa previa, and it leaves the fetus extremely vulnerable. Fatality among fetuses with vasa previa 50 percent when the condition goes undiagnosed. Because this condition is incredibly rare, information about what causes it is limited.


There are few noticeable symptoms of vasa previa, but some women who have experienced the condition displayed one or more of the following:

  • bleeding from the vagina during the second or third trimester
  • placenta previa (low-lying placenta)
  • bi-lobed placenta (the placenta is divided into two pieces)
  • umbilical cord abnormalities
  • multiple fetuses
  • previous uterine surgeries

When the Worst Happens

The effects of vasa previa condition can be devastating. If undiagnosed, it can be fatal for the fetus – so the role of doctors and hospital staff is critical. If you have suffered loss or harm from vasa previa and believe that it may be at the hand of a negligent medical professional, call Thurswell Law. Our team of attorneys have experience dealing with birth injury lawsuits and can get you the monetary compensation you deserve. There is no way to truly amend the loss or damage done by vasa previa, but calling Thurswell Law today may be the first step toward some closure. For a free consultation, please call today at (248) 354-2222. No fee unless you collect.

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