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Stroke During /Near Time of Delivery

Stroke During/Near Time of DeliveryA stroke is a restriction of blood flow to the brain, resulting in damage to brain cells. Strokes occur without warning and range from mild to severe. Brain damage and paralysis are two of the more serious effects. Unfortunately, strokes can occur in pregnant women during or near the time of delivery. Handled incorrectly, the aftermath can be devastating.


Some of the more common symptoms of stroke include drooping face, paralysis, bowel and bladder control issues, pain in the appendages, numbness of face or limbs, and difficulty speaking. Other symptoms include headaches, seizures, or general weakness on one side of the body. Although some of these symptoms are indicative of some other conditions, it is important to seek medical care should you experience any of these symptoms while pregnant. Strokes can have devastating long-term effects, including the loss of function of body parts.


Many of the risk factors related to stroke during pregnancy are the same as general stroke risk factor, including:

  • obesity
  • old age
  • chronic migraines
  • heart conditions
  • smoking
  • high blood pressure (especially risky for pregnant women)

Birth Injury Lawyers in Michigan

Thurswell Law has a long history of dealing with litigation involving birth injuries. Many times, what happens in the delivery room may be the result of negligent care on part of the hospital. In the case of strokes, the medical team needs to respond quickly and appropriately to prevent strokes or complications that strokes can present during delivery. If you or a loved one suffered a stroke during pregnancy or childbirth, call Thurswell Law at 248-354-2222. Do not suffer because of the neglect of others. Get the compensation and justice you deserve. Call Thurswell today for your free consultation, no fee unless you collect.

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