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neonatal infectionWhat are Neonatal Infections?

Immediately following childbirth, infant immune systems are not yet fully developed and may not have the capacity to fight off infections to which they are exposed. Babies born with infections may become very ill and require significant time in the hospital for recovery.

Specific tests are available to enable doctors to determine the presence of infections. Left unchecked, infections can lead to serious long-term complications. Negligent care, such as a delay in diagnosis or misdiagnosis, can result in permanent physical and mental damage to your child.

What to Know About Neonatal Infections

Some infections are contracted post-birth, when the immune system is unable to fight them. Others are transmitted from the mother during the delivery process. Babies can get viral infections such as herpes, chickenpox, Rubella virus, or hepatitis. In order to diagnose an infection, the doctor will usually test fluid samples and run blood tests from both baby and mother. Newborns that are infected may exhibit some of the following symptoms:

  • inactivity
  • respiratory problems
  • decreased or elevated body temperature
  • apnea
  • poor feeding
  • seizures
  • irritability
  • abnormal skin color
  • low blood pressure
  • low or fast heart rate

Some infections can be prevented with proper screening during pregnancy and with antibiotic treatment during labor. However, if an infection in a baby is not treated timely and properly, severe consequences can occur. Neonatal infection can quickly elevate from an acute infection to devastating brain damage. A child can be left with cerebral palsy, mental retardation, developmental delays, blindness, speech delays, seizures, and language delays.

Michigan Birth Injury Claims for Neonatal Infections

Medical teams assigned to a birth are responsible for monitoring the health of the unborn baby, executing a delivery and aftercare plan, and handling all complications in a timely manner. The failure of a doctor or medical staff to follow established screening and treatment protocols is malpractice. Additionally, failure to properly monitor the newborn for signs and symptoms of infection may also be ground for a malpractice claim. When the negligence or incompetence of the medical professionals results in permanent harm to the child, the child may have a birth injury claim.

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