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Facial Paralysis Resulting from Birth Malpractice

Your newborn’s face is precious. Facial paralysis (or partial facial paralysis) can result from trauma during the delivery of the baby. Bell’s palsy is the most common type of facial paralysis and is evident in the limited movement of the child’s face.

One way to detect facial paralysis is to observe the newborn baby when he or she cries. Harm to the facial nerve, also called the seventh cranial nerve, will show on the baby’s face. The infant will be unable to move the area or the portion of the face, including eyes and mouth, which has been afflicted by facial paralysis.facial paralysis

Facial paralysis can be caused by numerous factors, many of which are the fault of the medical professionals assisting with the pregnancy and birth:

  • use of forceps
  • traumatic birth delivery
  • prolonged pregnancy
  • epidural anesthesia
  • prolonged labor
  • medication, such as Oxytocin

If the injury to the facial nerve is severe, then surgery and special therapy may be necessary.

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