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Face Presentation Birth Injuries

The way a baby is presented during labor is critical to the safety and success of delivery. Typically, the baby is in the vertex presentation, in which the head is flexed so that the chin is tucked into the chest. Fewer than 4 percent of babies born are in a presentation other than vertex.

What is Face Presentation?

Face presentation occurs when the baby’s head is hyperextended, with the back of the head in contact with the upper back, while lying horizontally in relation to the uterus. It occurs in one out of every 600-800 births and may complicate the journey through the birth canal and result in a birth injury.

Causes of Face Presentation

A variety of factors can increase the risk for a baby to be in face presentation:

  • The mother is carrying more than one fetus at a time.
  • The mother has given birth five or more times.
  • The baby has a low birth weight.
  • The baby is being delivered prematurely.
  • Excessive amniotic fluid is present.
  • The umbilical cord becomes completely wrapped around the baby’s neck (nuchal cord).

A doctor should be able to diagnose face presentation during the first or second stage of labor. Following the diagnosis, the doctor should make the mother aware and present her options for delivery. C-section is frequently the selected delivery method.

Complications of Delivering a Baby in Face Presentation

If a baby is in face presentation, various complications can occur, such as:

  • bruising and trauma of the face
  • abnormal head shape
  • prolonged labor
  • respiratory problems
  • spinal cord injury
  • abnormal heart rate

Getting Help for Birth Injuries Caused by Face Presentation

Diagnosing face presentation and monitoring the baby’s health is critical during the labor and delivery process. When a doctor is negligent in doing so, the result can be long-term health problems for the child. If this has happened to you and your child, call Thurswell Law. We have represented children who are victims of birth injuries and their families for over 48 years, with the goal of minimizing the suffering our clients are already experiencing. This is why we do not charge a fee unless you collect. Call (248) 354-2222 to schedule your free consultation.

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