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Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities due to Birth Injuries

What are Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities?

An individual who lacks certain cognitive abilities due to an injury to the brain may be diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These disabilities can include speech delays, language delays, developmental delays, a low IQ, limited social or communication skills, or and inability to care for oneself.

As a child grows and develops, indications of intellectual and developmental disabilities may include learning at a slower rate than other children, a seemingly limited ability to learn new concepts, speech problems, or difficulty with problem solving or remembering things.

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are usually born with the condition or develop it in infancy, even if the disabilities are not noticeable until years later.

Causes of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Intellectual and developmental disabilities are caused by a variety of things, including complications during pregnancy or birth injury. Unfortunately, if the mother suffers from a serious disease or infection during her pregnancy, this can cause certain birth defects in the developing fetus.

An undiagnosed or mismanaged infection, a traumatic birth injury, or a lack of oxygen at birth (HIE) are often consequences of negligent or insufficient care by the medical professionals you entrusted with your life and the life of your child.

Ask for Help

The birth of your child should to be an exciting time filled with happiness and expectations for the future. When something goes wrong, it can be all-consuming and difficult to focus on everything that needs to be done. That is why it is so important to ask for help from Thurswell Law; we understand the situation and can step in to make sure you and your family does not suffer further injury in the form of financial hardship.

If your child has suffered any type of birth injury, or if you suspect that their intellectual and developmental disability may have been caused by professional negligence, even if it was several years ago, call Thurswell Law. Dealing with the special needs of a developmentally disabled child can be overwhelming. The last thing you need is to struggle financially or worry about their future needs.

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