Detroit Doctors Fired for Reporting Negligence at Detroit Medical Center

Published on April 1st, 2019

detroit medical center doctors fired negligence medical malpracticeIt’s uncommon for doctors to be the ones suing hospitals, but that’s exactly what’s happening in the case of cardiologists Mahir Elder, M.D. and Amir Kaki, M.D. vs. Detroit Medical Center (DMC). The doctors claim they were fired for reporting quality-of-care problems. DMC officials say the cardiologists were fired for unspecified code of conduct violations. Elder and Kaki are suing the six-hospital system, as well as the parent company Tenet Healthcare Corp. and four executives for alleged retaliation.

Ongoing Problems for Detroit Medical Center

This lawsuit highlights that this is not the first misconduct violation for DMC. Citations of negligence were issued against DMC in late 2018 for deficiencies in infection control practices and patient rights. DMC is also part of an ongoing federal investigation into alleged overpayments, poor care, lack of supervision leading to patient deaths, and the improper use of employed nurse practitioners.

Elder and Kaki supported the citations, having reported the following instances of negligence to their employer:

  • Multiple problems with dirty instruments.
  • Unnecessary patient procedures performed by other doctors.
  • Limited nursing staff.
  • Cutbacks of critical lab and support services.

The doctors also reported to DMC that top DMC and Tenet executives failed to investigate alleged incidents of Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Instead of being met with gratitude for their diligence, the doctors’ efforts to uphold a standard a care led to their job loss.

Elder and Kaki have exceptional training, are widely published, and proudly hold clean records, never being disciplined or sued for medical malpractice. This hard work has been stained, however, by the actions of DMC. The retaliation of DMC did not end with the cardiologists’ firing. The men claim they have been publicly disparaged by top DMC executives, their lawsuit including accusations of false claims, unpaid compensation, and the prevention to review their employment files.

Can You Trust the Care Provided at Detroit Medical Center?

Wouldn’t you want to know if the hospital you’re being treated at is operating properly and delivering the standard of care they are legally obligated to provide? Wouldn’t you like to believe that your healthcare provider puts patient care first and not profits? Wouldn’t you want to trust that, as a patient of a large medical facility, you would not be put at risk for contracting life-threatening diseases like HIV, hepatitis, and pneumonia?

It should be the case that quality control violations be met with diligent and immediate action to correct the problem. Horrifyingly, DMC is alleged to have ignored life-threatening problems in favor of cost-cutting. Elder and Kaki allege that medical procedures were done unnecessarily, by poorly trained staff, and covered up in medical records.

Have You Suffered from Medical Malpractice at DMC?

Kaki and Elder are seeking reinstatement to their former positions, as well as double damages for back and interest, and attorneys’ fees. The patients who have suffered because of DMC’s negligence deserve compensation and justice, too. The Michigan medical malpractice lawyers at Thurswell Law are ready to help you fight the healthcare system or medical provider that has wronged you. Schedule a consultation by calling (248) 354-2222 today. We do not charge any fees unless you collect.

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