Concussions From Soccer Headers

Published on February 7th, 2017

Is there a connection between soccer players who frequently head the ball and concussions? A study conducted by Neurology, examined 222 amateur soccer players – 175 men and 47 women – who reported the number of times that they headed the ball over a two-week period. Additionally, these athletes also reported any unintentional head impacts, such as a collision with another player or the goal post.

Over the period they were studied, men had head contact with the ball an average of 44 times, while women headed the ball an average of 27 times. Players reported heading the ball an average of 5.3 times per game. The players who headed the ball the most were three times as likely to have concussion symptoms, compared to those players in the lowest quartile. Concussion symptoms include but are not limited to, pain, dizziness, and feeling dazed.

Colliding with the goal post or another player on the team poses more of a risk. Those with two or more unintentional head collisions were six times as likely to experience concussion symptoms as those who reported a single impact. Out of 470 reports of head impacts, a fifth resulted in moderate or severe symptoms of a concussion.

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Source: The New York Times & Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology

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