Actress Maura Tierney’s Bike Accident Highlights Bicycle Safety

Published on August 29th, 2018

bike accident in MichiganAll it takes is celebrity involvement to bring an important issue to the forefront. Actress Maura Tierney was taken to the hospital on Monday to be treated for injuries after the car traveling behind her hit her bicycle’s back tire, causing Tierney to fall to the ground. Incidents like this, and all bike accidents with cars, could be avoided.

The Hidden Injuries Caused by a Bike Accident

Paparazzi photos show Tierney lying on the sidewalk, being guided off the roadway by helpful pedestrians, and getting treatment from paramedics. She was placed in a neck brace, put on a stretcher, and transported to the hospital by ambulance. Tierney was released later with no major injuries, though further photos show her in what looks like a significant amount of pain as she is assisted in walking away from the hospital.

There is a good possibility that Tierney will experience difficulties beyond physical pain from this incident. Many of the people involved in bicycle accidents suffer emotional and mental trauma. They may have further complications if diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. While many bicyclists confidently make their way through traffic to get where they need to go, being involved in an accident with a car is enough to shake even a veteran cyclist.

Bicyclists face challenges on Michigan highways every day, risking their safety by mingling with motorists who aren’t careful about sharing the road or fail to respect the right of bicyclists to ride alongside them. Any rider can be hesitant to get on a bike again and be tentative about where and when they cycle for fear of getting in another accident.

Documenting Your Bicycle Accident

Besides highlighting the inherent dangers of riding a bicycle alongside motor vehicles, there are other key takeaways from this aftermath, most notably that Tierney accepted medical care. There are instances when people involved in a bike accident or car accident reject medical treatment at the scene. This is unwise for many reasons, not least of all for the sake of your health, but also to have documentation later, should you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit, that injuries indeed occurred.

In Tierney’s situation, the driver involved in the crash was not believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, according to the LAPD. There has been no mention of whether the driver was distracted by their smartphone, preventing them from seeing Tierney or properly judging the distance between them. But smartphones play a major role in many accidents on Michigan roads. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if that were the case in this bicycle accident.

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