5 Things Not To Say To Someone With A Disability

Published on July 14th, 2017

It is not uncommon to feel a sense of nervousness when speaking to someone with a disability. Often people are afraid that they will say or behave in a way that could be offensive. Interacting with someone with a disability should be no different than any other social interaction you have. You should be polite, respectful, and interested in what they have to say. As your local Social Security attorney in Michigan, we have over 47 years of experience working with individuals with disabilities and personal injuries. Our team has created a list of 5 things that you should NEVER say to someone with a disability.

  • “What’s wrong with you?” – It’s important to remember there is nothing wrong with the person who has a disability. Asking questions isn’t a bad thing, it shows you’re interested in getting to know someone. Just like in any conversation, do not ask anything overly personal.
  • “I know a great doctor that could fix you.” – Even though you have great intentions, this comes across very wrong. Talking about “fixing” someone’s disability immediately suggests there’s something wrong with them when there isn’t. A disability is part of many people’s identity – it’s not something they see as negative. It’s also likely the person you are speaking with has a strong team of medical professionals they work with.
  • “My friend has a disability do you know them?” – People with disabilities don’t all automatically know each other. There is not a secret club.
  • “Let me do that for you.” – Instead of assuming someone needs help, ask them. While you might want to make things easier for someone, it’s important to respect their independence and personal space.
  • “You’re so inspiring.” – This is a well-meaning comment that can come across as patronizing. If the person you are talking to has done something amazing, like accomplishing a goal, then it’s appropriate to say they’re inspiring. If you’re saying that because the person has a disability, keep it to yourself. In their eyes, they’re just living their lives and going about their day-to-day life.

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