3 Ways Smartphone Use Contributes to Distracted Driving Auto Accidents

Published on July 20th, 2018

smartphones distracted driving michigan auto accidentSmartphones don’t cause auto accidents, but the people who use smartphones while driving are absolutely a contributing factor to Michigan car crashes. Many people consider themselves successful multi-taskers. Perhaps in some situations you really can switch between a few tasks at one time. Driving isn’t one of them. Distracted driving because of smartphones is a serious problem, and it’s only getting worse.

Auto accidents caused by smartphone use have become an epidemic, and there are many bad habits involving smartphones that lead to distracted driving. Here are only three of the biggest offenses:

1. Texting.

Even when behind the wheel of a vehicle, some people are incapable of putting down their phone. Is it that important to read the text you just receive? Can’t you wait until you reach your destination to type a text response? Even voice-to-text can be more distracting, studies have shown, than typing a text by hand.

Make the smart choices about texting while driving. Set your phone to silent while driving and only allow it to alert you to incoming texts when the car is turned off. If you really can’t keep your hands off your smartphone, put the phone in the trunk while you’re driving so you have no opportunity to be tempted. And if attention to texts simply cannot wait, pull over and stop driving to tend to the matter.

2. Talking.

The activity area of the brain that processes moving images decreases in performance when you’re listening to someone talking on the phone. Only listening! Compound that with your own talking, dialing, or adjusting your Bluetooth and the problems just get bigger.

3. Hands-free use.

Using a headset or Bluetooth may seem like a sure way to prevent yourself from being distracted by a phone call while in the car. However, hands-free devices – promoted as helping you drive more safely – can contribute to a false sense of security. Whether you’re using the dashboard device or have turned your phone to speaker, the distraction remains the same.

Smartphones: The Road to Auto Accidents

Your responsibility as a licensed Michigan driver is to focus on the task at hand when operating a vehicle. It may seem like common sense, but too many motorists become comfortable in their driving and assume they can use their smartphone at the same time. Or new teen drivers, who are inexperienced and Velcroed to their mobile phones, may find themselves faced with a driving situation they aren’t prepared to handle because their phone has taken their attention away from the road.

You’ve undoubtedly daydreamed while driving, and getting from one place to another without even realizing you’ve gone that far can be a terrifying feeling. With a smartphone, you’re purposely distracting yourself. Smartphone use creates a narrowed field of vision. You can miss half of what’s around you, and that includes other vehicles, pedestrians, motorcyclist, and bicyclists.

Michigan vehicle accidents are preventable. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in an auto accident involving smartphone use and a distracted driver, contact an experienced Michigan auto accident lawyer at Thurswell Law. Your consultation is free and we do not charge any fees unless you collect. Call (248) 354-2222 today.

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