5 Ways to Avoid a Rental Truck Accident

Published on February 11th, 2019

rental truck accident thurswell lawOne of your biggest worries about your move might be making sure all your possessions arrive at your new home unscathed. If you’ve chosen to rent a truck to move yourself, you have one other concern to keep in mind, a very major concern: getting yourself and your loved ones from Point A to Point B without getting in a rental truck accident.

Prevent a Rental Truck Accident in Michigan

Is your primary vehicle a sedan or SUV? Either ride comes with its own unique perks and drawbacks, but you get used to your vehicle’s quirks. If you don’t drive a truck every day and task yourself with the job of operating a rental truck for a move, you’ll also be up against a swift learning curve.

There are rental truck accidents every day. Anyone operating a vehicle that goes against the norm put themselves, their passengers, and the motorists around them at risk. Here are tips to keep in mind when driving a rental truck so you can protect yourself and others from an auto accident:

1. Drive defensively.

We drive on auto-pilot so much of the time, but when you’re in a rental truck, you must drive even more defensively than usual.

  • Obey all traffic signals and signs.
  • Always use your turn signals.
  • Use your mirrors.
  • Don’t make abrupt lane changes.
  • Avoid sudden stops.
  • Do not tailgate.
  • Use extra caution at intersections.
  • Avoid passing unless absolutely necessary.
  • Do not speed.

2. Pay attention.

There are plenty of truck warning signs that you’ve become conditioned to ignore if you’re used to driving a car or SUV. Pay attention to all road signs. There are different rules of the road for truck drivers, including lane restrictions and overhead clearance postings. Trees, electrical wires, parking garages, low bridges, overhangs, canopies, and other overhead obstructions need to be on your radar.

While you’re at it, skip the drive-through and just park and walk inside to get your food. You might be tired after a long day of driving, but attempting to maneuver through the drive-through with a larger, unfamiliar vehicle could be disastrous.

 3. Don’t overload the truck.

You may have the green light to fill your dumpster rental truck to the brim, and you may be thrilled to get more on the truck than you anticipated. However, a full truck is a heavier truck, and a heavy truck is harder to maneuver and control, especially for drivers unfamiliar with the feel of operating a vehicle carrying extra weight. It’s nice to cut down on the number of moving trips you anticipated making to load and unload all your possessions, but pushing the realm of safety could lead to an accident.

4. Make sure the truck is in good condition.

Rental companies are obligated to provide you with a safe, reliable vehicle, but sometimes rental trucks have not been serviced recently or have known defects. Ask to see documentation or proof of inspection or service before driving the truck off the lot. Don’t assume you’re driving a quality rental truck just because the keys are in your hand.

Get Help After Your Rental Truck Accident

If you have been involved in a rental truck accident and are having difficulty negotiating with your insurance company and the truck rental company, get support from the auto accident lawyers at Thurswell Law. Schedule a consultation with the Michigan car accident lawyers at Thurswell Law to discuss your situation. We do not charge any fees unless you collect. Call (248) 354-2222 today.

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