Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace Sexual Harassment

The definition of workplace sexual harassment does not differ from any other kind of sexual harassment, but there are often other elements involved in the encounter. Workplace sexual harassment can include unwelcome sexual advances or innuendos, the promise of career advancement in return for sexual favors, threats of professional failure for withholding sex, feeling unsafe because someone acts in a sexual nature, and verbal or physical harassment with a sexual overtone.

There is no room for sexual harassment anywhere, particularly in a professional work setting.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace is Never OK

Some businesses may be proud of their reputation as a raunchy or crude work environment. But in any workplace, every employee is legally entitled to feel safe on the job. Sexual harassment does not get a free pass because a business boasts a risqué or off-color climate.

It’s important to keep in mind that workplace sexual harassment is not always a one-on-one situation. The workplace has a unique element in play: the group mentality. If the conduct is offensive, it’s sexual harassment even if multiple people are present.

Fallout from Workplace Sexual Harassment

Being the object of workplace sexual harassment creates anxiety for the victim who, in most cases, is not only shaken by the encounter but also worried about employment status. You may be concerned about your reputation among coworkers, clients, superiors, and subordinates. You may fear that you will lose a level of professional respect from your peers.

Doing what you know is right, however difficult, is important for your personal and professional well-being. Your actions could help prevent others from experiencing situations or encounters just like yours.

Unfortunately, feeling abused in the workplace can be paralyzing, preventing victims from demanding retribution for fear of professional consequences. Don’t be afraid to protect yourself and assert your rights in the workplace. Your sexual harassment attorney can provide important support you if you find yourself the victim of workplace sexual harassment.

Get Help from a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Being sexually harassed at your job can be demeaning, confusing, and frightening. A sexual harassment attorney in Michigan can advise you about:

  • your company’s sexual harassment policy (or lack thereof)
  • determining whether a behavior is legally considered sexual harassment
  • why the status of the harasser – superior or coworker – matters
  • how to report the harassment, and to whom
  • your civil rights, particularly if your job has been affected by your complaints of harassment
  • professional and legal next steps

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