Train Accident

Train Travel

Cross-country excursions or your everyday work commute may require you to travel by train.. It doesn’t matter where you are going; trains provide an economical and comfortable way to get from here to there. As well as providing timely, affordable transportation, train operators are responsible for keeping their passengers safe and should do everything possible to maintain that commitment. Furthermore, train conductors should always monitor the tracks to avoid potential accidents.

What Can Go Wrong

Train accidents are fortunately quite rare. However, when they do occur they can be catastrophic due to the mass and size of the train itself. It is possible to be involved in a train accident as a passenger, or you may find yourself seriously injured as a result of being caught in the doors as you exit, being struck at an intersection, or waiting at the train station.

Train accidents are caused by a variety of reasons including faulty train signals and lights, malfunctioning mechanical equipment, inadequate track maintenance, crossing gates not in place, and conductor error.

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If you are injured, or someone close to you was seriously disabled or killed in a train accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for medical expenses, long term care, loss of wages, and other compensatory payments. At Thurswell Law, we have extensive experience obtaining monetary compensation for our clients who have been involved in Michigan train accidents. Call us today at 248-354-2222 for your free consultation. There is no fee unless you collect.

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