Teen Drivers

Teen Drivers

Motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death for American teens, and the actions of young drivers on the road are dangerous for their motorists who are riding alongside them. Teen drivers can taste their freedom and are ready to embrace it. Unfortunately, teen drivers are simply inexperienced behind the wheel. No matter how many driving classes they’ve had, teens are one of the most dangerous demographics on the road.

4 Reasons Teen Drivers Are Dangerousteen drivers

Earning a driver’s license is a day that most teens look forward to, but many parents are not as enthusiastic as they are aware of just how dangerous driving can truly be.

Nighttime driving, drowsy driving, and reckless driving are all major risks of car crashes caused by teen drivers, but there are four major reasons that make teen drivers some of the scariest on the road:

  1. Adolescents are not mature. They’re getting there, but their decision-making abilities are still questionable, and that includes the choices they make behind the wheel. A teen’s reflexes may be fast in general but, when it comes to making the right move while driving, many teens panic and their poor decision-making can be the difference between life and death.
  2. You want your teen to be confident behind the wheel, sure of himself, ready to handle any challenge that comes her way. However, confidence does not always translate to success. The belief that nothing could possibly hurt them leads many teens to make bad decisions and take too many risks, including speeding, not using a seat belt, or texting while driving.
  3. More and more drivers are distracted drivers on Michigan highways, and they are causing accidents every day with their compromised reaction times and lack of awareness of what’s in front of them or around them. Sadly, many of these distracted motorists are teenagers. As an age group, teens are devoted to their technology. While driving, teens are more likely to use their phones to do just about everything, including send texts, check social media, take selfies, take videos, even video chat. Teens may feel that their newly acquired driving prowess gives them the right to use their phone while driving, but distracted driving kills and teens are no exception.
  4. Drinking of any sort increases the risk of teens getting into a fatal auto accident. Combined with inexperience, distraction, and the tendency to make poor decisions, teen drunk drivers are threats to themselves and all other motorists who share the road with them. Legally, teens should not be drinking, let alone driving while intoxicated. The combination is deadly.

Add the presence of other teens in the vehicle to any of these conditions and the risk of a fatal crash goes up exponentially.

Prevent Teen Drivers from Causing Car Accidents

Teens need to learn how to drive and that takes practice. Parents can enroll teens in driving classes and take them out while riding shotgun, but one of the best ways teens learn is by example. Teens model what they see, just like small children. If parents drink and drive, use a phone while driving, don’t put on a seatbelt, or eat or put on makeup while driving, teens will believe they can do the same. Safety begets safety.

Teens have a higher car crash rate than drivers of any other age. The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, in particular, are known as “The 100 Deadliest Days” for teen drivers because of prom, graduation parties, and summer fun. Knowing information like this can help other drivers guard themselves against teen drivers on the road.

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