Do Smart Kids Live Longer Than Their Peers?

Published on August 1st, 2017

A long-term study shows that the answer is yes! Apparently, children who are more intelligent than their peers tend to have a longer life span.

The researchers analyzed over 75,000 men and women born in 1936 that had all taken the same standardized tests in Britain during 1947. 68 years later, the researchers could confirm the death of almost 26,000 people, and they confirmed the lives of 30,500 people still in Britain. Those who had low scores on the standardized tests were found to be less likely alive in 2015.

Even when they controlled for many economic, health, and behavioral factors, there remained a link between lower scores on the intelligence test and earlier dates of death. This was also the case even when controlling for smoking habits. The study found no particular associations with intelligence and cancers, but there was a strong association to death by accidental injury.

Why this link exists remains uncertain. Some educational professionals believe it is a combination of lifestyles, education, and genetics that all pay a role in a child’s longevity. For more information on childhood intelligence, visit the BMJ report.

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Courtesy Of: The New York Times

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