Safe Driving Resolutions for the New Year

Published on January 2nd, 2019

driving resolutions thurswell lawYou can’t control what other motorists do on the highway, but you can help prevent a Michigan auto accident by taking care of yourself on the road. If you want to keep yourself healthy and strong and motivated in the New Year, resolve to drive safer and better.

Limit Distractions

Whether you have children in the car or music on the radio, there are always distractions when you’re behind the wheel. The goal is to rise above the noise and focus on the critical job at hand – driving safely.

One of the biggest ways to limit distracted driving is by putting your smartphone away when you’re behind the wheel. The act is so simple, yet so many motorists choose to keep their phone by their side, writing and reading texts and emails, taking photos, even scanning social media. Is there anything so dire happening that you can’t wait until you’ve parked to use your phone? Even navigation apps can do more harm than good.

If there is an emergency and you need to receive updates in real time, pull off the road. Don’t try to do two things at once. No one can multitask successfully, and attempting to do so while you’re driving increases your likelihood of being involved in a distracted driving car accident.

Drive Defensively

Driving defensively doesn’t mean driving aggressively. When you are a defensive driver, you’re on the lookout for all the ways in which you can have a safer journey:

  • Be on the lookout for drivers who may be swerving or acting recklessly and stay out of their way or alert the authorities.
  • Avoid the temptation to tailgate and potentially cause a rear-end collision.
  • Be nicer to bicyclists and share the road as the law demands.
  • Always look out for pedestrians, not just in crosswalks and at intersections.

Educate Your Teen Driver

One of the most dangerous demographics on the roads are teen drivers. They can’t help it – they are naturally inexperienced. Unfortunately, teens are also some of the most confident drivers on the road because they overestimate their driving abilities.

It’s a parent’s responsibility to educate their teens on the dangers of driving and the importance of being safe. It may seem like you don’t have to tell your kids to observe the speed limit, put their phones away, not drive drunk, and to limit passengers – but you do. You must tell your children these very things, repeatedly.

And remember, they may be teens and you might think they’re ignoring you, but your children are still watching how you behave while you drive – wear your seatbelt, don’t use your phone, stuff away the road rage, and follow all traffic laws. You are the one who helps form the next generation of drivers.

Make Safe Driving Resolutions

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