Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Case medical malpractice case

Medical malpractice is a reality for hundreds of thousands of patients across the nation. A medical malpractice case is typically filed by patients who have been harmed or injured as the result of poor medical treatment or a mistaken (or delayed) diagnosis by a medical provider.

According to the Institute of Medicine, about 98,000 patients die each year from doctor and hospital negligence , making it the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

No one should have to suffer at the hands of medical providers. The fact is that most injuries and deaths could (and should) have been prevented.

Contact Thurswell Law today if you or your loved one has ever suffered an injury or death caused by:

  • misdiagnosis
  • delayed diagnosis
  • surgical errors
  • emergency room delay
  • medication error
  • radiology mistake

Hospitals and insurance companies don’t intimidate us. We come armed with over 45 years of experience in medical malpractice cases and regularly consult with some of the top physicians in the country.

You’ve trusted your healthcare providers, and they’ve failed you. Put your trust in us – we won’t fail you. There are no fees unless we recover money for you. Call Thurswell Law today for your free consultation.

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