Pediatric Errors

Pediatric Medical Malpractice/Errors
pediatric medical malpractice/errors

A child suffering with a medical condition is already worry enough for parents, who put their trust in a doctor’s care. When a child is caused harm by that doctors’ negligence, a pediatric medical malpractice lawsuit may be the best course of action.

What constitutes pediatric medical malpractice/errors?
Pediatric medical malpractice generally revolves around negligence on the part of the doctor and the harm caused by that negligence. More specific examples include:

  • Failure to timely diagnose/treat meningitis
  • Failure to diagnose/treat appendicitis
  • Failure to timely diagnose/treat pneumonia
  • Failure to timely diagnose and treat infections
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Errors in ordering, administering, transcribing or dispensing medication
  • Administering “off-label” drugs
  • Overall negligence in regards to the child’s care

Because children are still developing mentally and physically, pediatric medical malpractice can cause significant physical and/or mental harm that may affect the child for the rest of his or her life. A doctor should take the child’s age, weight, physical condition, and detailed history from the child’s parents when determining the diagnosis and what or how much treatment is needed.

Malpractice and negligence can be difficult to prove – you need help
Providing sufficient evidence to prove pediatric medical malpractice or negligence is a complicated process. If your child is a victim of malpractice, you are entitled to monetary compensation to cover the cost of medical bills, prescription medications, or long-term care, as well as pain and suffering. Our knowledgeable attorney will advocate for you and ensure you have everything you need to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome. This is where Thurswell Law comes in — we will not charge a fee unless you are successful in collection. Do what is best for your child and your family; call us today for a free consultation at (248) 354-2222.

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