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Motorcycle Accident Michigan LawyerMotorcycle Accident 

According to The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 11% of all roadway accidents in the United States involve motorcycles and motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to experience a fatal accident than occupants of passenger cars. Approximately 4,000 motorcyclists die on U.S. highways every year.

Head injuries are the leading cause of death in motorcycle accidents and helmet use is credited with reducing the risk of death by 37%. More than half of all motorcyclist deaths involve at least one other vehicle, and the most common situation where a fatality occurs is when the other vehicle is turning left and the motorcycle is going straight.

There are a wide variety of causes for motorcycle accidents, including speeding and alcohol use. Poor weather, roadway defects, driving in the blind spot of another motorist, and intentional hostile actions can all precipitate an accident. However, the main reason the percentage of motorcycle fatalities is so high is because of the lack of protection a motorcycle offers in the event of a crash.

Nevertheless, many crashes might be avoided altogether if drivers of automobiles, trucks, buses, and SUVs were more aware of motorcycles and their place on the road. Negligence by other drivers is often the reason a law-abiding motorcyclist is seriously injured or killed in an accident.

Around 67,000 motorcyclists are injured every year as a result of traffic accidents, and because of the lack of protection upon impact, these injuries are often very serious. Many motorcycle riders and drivers sustain life-altering injuries that will require specialized care and a modified home environment for the rest of their lives.

Anyone suffering through these circumstances will feel the additional stress of worrying about how they will pay their medical bills and how they will support their family during recovery. At Thurswell Law, we understand how important it is to obtain fair and full compensation to assist you with replacing lost wages, medical expenses and attendant care.

Motorcycle Accident Michigan Lawyer

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