Michigan Car Accident Claim Process

Michigan Car Accident Claim ProcessCar Accident Claim Process

One of the biggest concerns a person has after being involved in a Michigan car accident is, “How much is this going to cost me?” For many motorists, the costs are superficial – they have a damaged or totaled vehicle and they must figure out how to pay for the repairs. For other motorists, the costs are far more severe – traumatic brain injury, ongoing physical problems, pain and suffering. And then there are the motorists who lose their lives in a car accident, leaving loved ones behind.

These situations are all difficult to navigate, especially when it comes time to file a claim with an insurance company. Working with an experienced car accident lawyer and personal injury attorney in Michigan simplifies the complexities you will encounter. Choosing the right legal help is the difference between securing a large settlement or getting far less than deserved for the problems you have suffered.

Understanding First-Party Claims and Third-Party Claims

Your Michigan car accident can break into two separate cases: a first-party claim and a third-party claim.

In the first-party claim, you sue your auto insurance provider. This is the most common claim after a Michigan car accident. The no-fault insurance every Michigan driver is required by law to purchase is intended to provide first-party personal protection, also known as PIP benefits or PIP insurance. Under a first-party insurance claim, you should be reimbursed or compensated for lifetime medical expenses (for accident-related medical bills), attendant care, up to three years of lost wages, replacement services, and survivor’s losses in case of death.

In the third-party claim, you bring a case against the person who was at-fault in your accident and/or their insurance company. The goal of this claim is to secure damages beyond what is covered by your own car insurance company for permanent disfigurement or scarring, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Fighting with Your Insurance Company After a Car Accident

It is not unusual to find yourself fighting with your insurance company when it comes to getting proper compensation after a car accident. Insurance companies are supposed to help you after an accident, but it is rare that an insurance company does not push back against a client’s claim.

There is a great deal of fine print in insurance policies, and if you haven’t read all the details you’re certainly not alone. This is one of the most important reasons to contact a Michigan car accident lawyer immediately after your accident.

You may be intent on getting a check from the insurance company as soon as possible, but if you make that claim too soon and are too eager to accept what they offer you, then you’re out of luck. There is no going back a second time and demanding more compensation. If your benefits don’t seem to be what they should, you’re probably right – and you need a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf.

The Responsibilities of Your Michigan Car Accident Lawyer

Before you can recoup any financial losses, you must win your claims. This is where an auto accident lawyer is needed to help you fight the insurance companies, which may be holding out on the benefits it should provide.

Your insurance company and the at-fault motorist’s insurance company will have many requirements as you attempt to process a claim. Your Michigan car accident lawyer will manage these details for you, including:

  • Acquiring the accident report and witness statements.
  • Collecting all accident-related medical records and costs.
  • Negotiating with your insurance company on your behalf.
  • Filing a lawsuit against the insurance company and the at-fault driver.

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