Five Things Detroit Drivers Need to Know About Michigan Car Accidents

Five Things Detroit Drivers Need to Know About Michigan Car Accident Rights  

Michigan car accident rights

Would you know what to do if you were involved in a Detroit car accident? Do you know what your Michigan car accident rights are? No one anticipates an accident, and most are not prepared for what to do after the collision. If you are involved in a Michigan car accident, your emotions, adrenaline, and injuries could prevent you from thinking clearly following the crash.

To protect yourself, it’s important to remember the following five tips:

1. Call the Police

Whether the injuries are minor or severe, you must call 911 to send the police out to the collision scene so that you can file an accident report. Do not move the vehicles until the police arrive – evidence is key. Furthermore, the police will act as mediators, if necessary.

2. Gather Driver Information

After the accident, ask to see the other driver’s information and record their name, address, and phone number. Take down the driver’s license number, insurance policy number, and license plate number. If the driver does not own the car, write down the name and information of the vehicle’s owner. If there are witnesses, ask for their names, addresses, and phone numbers as well. Gathering the most information you can will help protect you in the long run.

3. Get Medical Treatment

If you have been hurt, you must get medical treatment immediately. Even if your injuries appear minor in nature, seek help – sometimes minor injuries turn out to be major.

4. Take Notes and Pictures

If you have a camera or a cell phone with a camera, take pictures of the cars, their damage, and the scene of the accident. Write down the date, time, and weather conditions. Detailed notes and photos may come in handy if there’s a dispute.

5. Do not Admit Fault 

Even if you think the accident was your fault, it might not be. Do not admit fault on the scene or sign any papers.

Michigan car accidents can result in severe injuries, such as broken bones, paralysis, whiplash, back and neck injuries, and spinal cord injury. Any of these injuries could leave you with a permanent disability. Sadly, collisions can also be deadly.

If you have been injured, or if a family member was killed in a Michigan car accident, you may be able to seek compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, and more.

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