Failure To Diagnose Cancer

failure to diagnose cancer When a patient has cancer, prompt diagnosis and treatment is essential. There are times when identifiable signs aren’t there, making it impossible for a doctor to properly diagnose cancer; other times the signs are present but the doctor fails to see them.

How can cancer diagnosis be considered medical malpractice?
A physician is required to do what is reasonable in certain circumstances and practice a certain professional standard of care. However, there are various mistakes a doctor can make in regards to a patient’s cancer diagnosis. The most common are as follows:

  • Failure to diagnose cancer, therefore administering no treatment
  • Delay in cancer diagnosis, therefore delay in administering treatment
  • Diagnosing cancer as another condition, or diagnosing the incorrect type of cancer, therefore administering improper treatment
  • Negligence in administering treatment, therefore not providing the patient the highest standard of care

Delayed or missed treatment can have severe consequences in the development and progression of the patient’s cancer.

You shouldn’t have to suffer more because of a doctor’s mistake
When you put your health and life into a doctor’s hands, you trust he or she will do anything and everything to ensure you get the best care. Thurswell Law was formed to represent patients who have suffered because of medical malpractice on the part of doctors, nurses, hospitals or other medical staff. We will collect your medical information and examine your case to determine whether you have a chance at collecting compensation. Our attorneys work to prove that your injuries could have been avoided had the malpractice not occurred.

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