Epilepsy Seizure

Epilepsy Seizures

epilepsy seizuresEpilepsy, a condition that causes periodic seizures, is the result of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Epileptic seizures occur when there is a disturbance in the electrical activity among neurons in the brain.

There are different types of epilepsy, including idiopathic, symptomatic, photosensitive, and refractory. Each varies in severity of seizures, catalyst for seizures, and treatment options. A qualified physician can diagnose the type of epilepsy and outline next steps. .


There are several causes of epilepsy:

  • brain trauma caused by an accident or injury
  • infection, such as meningitis
  • other medical problems, such as stroke

One or more of these complications can cause epilepsy when they occur during pregnancy or near the time of birth. It is the responsibility of medical professionals to identify the risks and protect the mother and baby. Birth injury can be the result of medical negligence or malpractice.


The only symptom of epilepsy is seizures. A seizure is characterized by irregular electrical activity in the brain, which can cause violent physical spasms, loss of voluntary function, and loss of consciousness. Seizures range in severity and can have a multitude of symptoms themselves.


There is no known cure for epilepsy, but medication can help minimize the severity and frequency of the seizures. A physician can recommend the right right medicine for the type of epilepsy at hand.

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