Common Types of Michigan Birth Injuries

Common Types of Michigan Birth Injuries 

The birth of a child should be a joyous and celebratory occasion. You should be happy and excited, not worried about your baby’s health or future well-being.

Fortunately, most births go smoothly and present you with a new, healthy family member. But some births do not go as well, resulting in Michigan birth injuries that may include permanent and severe disabilities.

There are many different types of Michigan birth injuries that can occur:

  • Erb’s palsy
  • cerebral palsy
  • brachial plexus palsy
  • facial paralysis
  • cephalohematoma
  • seizures
  • developmental delays
  • learning disabilities

Some of these injuries have a natural cause, yet are often preventable if medical professionals take immediate action. Others birth injuries, sadly, are caused when doctors or nurses misuse tools, such as vacuum extractor, or fail to utilize appropriate delivery procedures, such as a C-section.

If your family has been victimized by a birth injury that you feel could have been prevented or was caused by the negligence of a medical professional, then you may be eligible to recover damages on your child’s behalf. The financial compensation you receive will help you cover the costs of additional medical bills, ongoing care for permanent damage, specialized intervention and equipment, and more.

If you want to learn more about your legal rights and protect yourself against the insurance companies, then you should call a Michigan birth injury attorney as soon as possible. An experienced lawyer is an invaluable asset to your case, and you should not proceed without one.

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