Common Personal Injuries on Black Friday

Published on November 23rd, 2018

personal injuries black fridayAnyone who chooses to shop during Black Friday weekend is taking a risk. Sure, many people have a fun experience and score great deals amid the chaos. There are some shoppers, however, who become part of the unfortunate group that suffers personal injuries or damages, leaving them with costly medical bills and even a lifetime of pain. Can you sue for the suffering that is a result of a Black Friday injury? Maybe.

Here are just some of the common personal injury situations that can occur on Black Friday weekend:

You or your car are hit in the parking lot.

You may not even make it into the stores if you get into a car accident in the parking lot. Traffic jams in busy parking areas are likely, and there will be aggressive and impatient shoppers behind the wheel, making unwise choices about swerving in and out of lanes, passing other cars, or vying for an open spot.

It’s also dangerous to walk through a busy parking lot when shoppers are desperate for a good place to park. A motorist may be so focused on a coveted space that they neglect to keep an eye out for pedestrians. You could even suffer an injury from a rogue shopping cart or if someone bumps your car door as you’re getting in or out of the vehicle.

You are hurt in a crowd.

Even if you’re not one of the shoppers who camp out waiting for the doors to open onto the best Black Friday deals, you are likely to find yourself among some serious crowds throughout the weekend. People will be rushing to get to the products they covet and stores will simply be overcrowded.

Injuries happen when there are too many people in a small space, especially if they’re trying to snag the same deal before it’s gone. You can be pushed, shoved, or bumped and the result could be a fall or getting trampled. You may even get hurt by falling merchandise or displays that are sticking out.

You suffer injuries in a fight.

Ideally, you head into any Black Friday shopping experience with your intentions set – you will seek the items you want while avoiding confrontations. Unfortunately, even the best shopping efforts can result in an altercation with a fellow consumer, especially if they don’t share the same peaceful outlook as you do.

Every year on Black Friday weekend there are cases of people being hurt in a brawl, shot, stabbed, pepper sprayed, and killed. Sadly, there is even a Black Friday Death Count website that tallies the fatal injuries that occur during this annual event.

Sue for Your Black Friday Personal Injuries

Can you sue a store for negligence because of poor management of parking lot traffic, subpar security, or inadequate crowd control? Can you sue a fellow shopper? Does your experience fall into the category of personal injury? Contact the personal injury lawyers at Thurswell Law to discuss your unique situation and find out what your options are to get compensation for your injuries. We do not charge any fees unless you collect. Call (248) 354-2222 today to schedule your consultation.

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