When to Call an Auto Accident Lawyer

When to Call an Auto Accident Lawyer

Most people don’t think about what they would do in case of a car accident. If you find yourself involved in a car crash, the chaos will impact your choices. Do you call an auto accident lawyer first? Your insurance company? What if you’ve suffered injuries and aren’t capable of contacting anyone at all? Keep the following points in mind should you wind up in a Michigan auto accident.Auto Accident Lawyer

Calling Your Lawyer After a Car Accident Should Be One of the First Things You Do

After contacting the police, accepting medical treatment, and, if possible, documenting the scene of your car accident, it is essential that you call your auto accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. Here’s why:

  • Protect yourself from the insurance company. Many people think their car insurance company needs to know about their accident immediately, so you can provide evidence of damage and be on the road to financial reimbursement. Remember, the insurance companies work for themselves, not you.
  • Get the benefits to which you are entitled. Contacting an auto accident lawyer ensures that a professional who is experienced at negotiating with insurance companies will be working on your behalf to secure you the full amount of your benefits. Don’t assume that you will get your benefits without a fight – your attorney reads the fine print and knows when you’re being fairly treated by the insurance company.
  • Be prepared to file a claim or lawsuit if necessary. Hiring an auto accident attorney doesn’t mean you’re suing anyone – yet – but it does mean you’re making the smart move to protect yourself and your assets.

When Do You Need an Auto Accident Lawyer?

If you’re not sure you need a Michigan car accident lawyer, there is no harm in reaching out to an attorney for advice and guidance. Your initial consultation is usually free, and you can decide from there whether you want to pursue any legal action or get support for your insurance claims.

Dealing with insurance companies is one of the biggest problems after a car accident. Allowing an attorney to handle these negotiations from the start ensures that you will not say anything to the insurance company – yours or the at-fault party’s insurer – that can be misconstrued or used against you later.

Here are just some of the best times to get the help of a car crash lawyer:

  • The accident caused a serious injury that requires ongoing medical care.
  • A loved one was killed in a car accident.
  • The police report is inaccurate.
  • It is unclear who is the at-fault party.
  • You are incorrectly identified as the at-fault party.
  • Other motorists, pedestrians, or bicyclists were involved.
  • The crash occurred in a school zone or construction zone.
  • You are having difficulty coming to an agreement with the insurance company.
  • You are being denied insurance coverage with no explanation.
  • The insurance company refuses to pay the claim.
  • Your insurance claim is not paid in a timely manner.

Find Out If You Do or Don’t Need a Car Accident Lawyer

There are times when it may be unnecessary to retain the services of an auto accident lawyer:

  • You had a minor fender-bender that is easily and clearly settled with the insurance company.
  • You have no vehicle damage.
  • Vehicle damage can be fixed with the money offered by your insurance company.
  • There were no major injuries to you or your passengers.
  • Work obligations and activities were not significantly altered because of the accident.

Remember, however, that your initial meeting with the car accident lawyers at Thurswell Law is free, so it never hurts to get an assessment of your situation and advice about how to proceed so you receive your full insurance benefits. Contact us today to schedule your consultation, whatever your circumstances. Our experienced personal injury lawyers are ready to support you.

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