Bicycle Safety

Bicycle Safety

Increasing numbers of bicyclists are seen on our roadways in the United States every day. In addition to the highly-touted health benefits of pedaling to and from your destination, there is the decided economic benefit. Cars are very expensive to maintain and many people who do not have to travel very far are opting for this less costly mode of transportation.  Therefore, it is very important for all cyclists to practice bicycle safety at all times on the road.

bicycle safetyWhen riding a bicycle, you are required to follow the rules of the road, just like other vehicles, and exercise a reasonable amount of caution. In fact, if you are driving on the wrong side of the road, make an abrupt turn in traffic, or run a stop sign, you may be found at fault for the accident and be liable for someone else’s injury.

However, most bicyclists follow all the rules, drive with care, and may still end up in devastating accidents. This is due to the fact that drivers of motorized vehicles often overlook bicyclists and are reckless when it comes to the safety of others. Additionally, when it comes to children on bicycles, vehicle operators are held to a higher standard of responsibility.


Because a bicyclist is virtually unprotected, when they are involved in any type of collision, the results are often catastrophic. An average of 705 people die each year as the result of bicycle accidents caused by cars, trucks, and buses in the United States. When these types of accidents are not fatal, they often result in life-altering injuries including spinal cord and brain injuries and paralysis.

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