Why You Should Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

The Unjustified Stigma Associated with Applying for SSD Benefits

It may be hard to make the adjustment from going to work every day, to dealing with an illness or injury that impairs your ability to make a living. People feel guilt or shame when they think about applying for disability benefits. This is due to the fact that many people do not understand how the system works.

There is a common misconception that Social Security Disability is a government handout—paid for by taxpayers. This is simply not true. Social Security is a form of insurance that happens to be administered by the government. If you have been working and FICA taxes have been taken out of your paycheck, you have been participating in the program and are fully entitled to all its benefits.

The Responsible Thing to Do

If you are unable to work and you are now supported by your spouse or you have been receiving private disability benefits or workers’ compensation payments, you may not realize you are missing out on Social Security benefits you are entitled to collect. If you have paid into the system, you should apply in a timely manner. Qualification for SSD benefits can expire—usually within five years.

The longer you wait to apply, the more benefits you may stand to lose. Back benefits may be unavailable if you do not apply as soon as you become disabled or you know you will be disabled for 12 months or more. You could end up losing thousands of dollars in benefits that you and your family deserve.

Probably the most powerfully persuasive reason to apply for SSD benefits is that your retirement benefits may be reduced if you do not work for several years. However, if you are collecting SSD during this time, your retirement benefits will not be placed at risk.

Supporting yourself and your family is the responsible thing to do. If you can no longer work because of unforeseen medical complications, you are completely justified in filing a claim for your SSD benefits.

Thurswell Law

If you are unable to work due to any medical condition, it is important to consult with an SSD attorney that has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you evaluate your particular situation. Our compassionate legal experts will assist you in determining if and when you should apply for SSD; and once a determination is made, we will work closely with you and your doctors to make sure you receive all the benefits you are entitled to. For more information, or to book an appointment, reach out to us at 248-354-2222.

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