Anticoagulant Error

What is an Anticoagulant Error?

anticoagulant error

Anticoagulants are drugs administered to prevent the formation of blood clots, which stop the flow of blood throughout the body. While in many situations this type of medication can be helpful, even life saving, it can sometimes harm the patient and lead to lifelong health problems or death.

One of the most common errors associated with anticoagulants is failure to provide them to patients who need them. The doctor or nurse may also administer an incorrect dosage to the patient, which can happen if he or she miscalculates the weight of the patient. Other people that are part of the hospital staff can make errors in labeling, communicating with the patient and caregivers, or entering information into the computer system.

What are the Effects of an Anticoagulant Error?
When a medical professional improperly administers, or fails to administer, an anticoagulant to a patient, certain medical effects can result. When the doctor does not administer the drug when needed, blood clots, stroke, heart attack or other serious conditions can occur. When an excess dose is administered to a patient, it can lead to major bleeding, may require a transfusion, and may result in death.

How can Such Errors be Prevented?
The responsibility lies in the doctor, nurses, and other hospital staff to prevent anticoagulant errors from occurring. Some tips toward prevention include:

  • Making a standard in prescribing and administering all drugs
  • Set dose ranges (require authorization for large doses)
  • Screen patients for anticoagulant contraindication
  • Review medical practices regularly with all staff

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