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Motor Vehicle Accidents

The statistics are frightening. In 2012, 273,891 traffic accidents occurred in Michigan. Of those crashes, 70,518 people were injured – that means there’s about 8 people every hour hurt in a motor vehicle accident in Michigan. Some injuries are catastrophic and can leave a person with life-changing injuries.

If you’ve been injured by any negligent motorist, call Thurswell Law today. We handle all accident cases including:

●    Automobile
●    Bus
●    Truck
●    Motorcycle
●    Boat
●    Bicycle

You may be entitled to financial compensation for situations such as lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering relating to your injury.

Without a skilled attorney, getting a settlement from an insurance company on your own is slim to none. The lawyers at Thurswell Law are NOT intimidated by insurance companies and we will fight to get you the money and answers you deserve.

We’ve collected millions of dollars for countless accident victims since 1968. Your case consultation is ALWAYS free; we will never charge you any fees unless we recover money for you too. Don’t suffer financially another day. Call the award-winning attorneys at Thurswell Law and let us get the answers you deserve.