Social Security Disability | Can I Work & Receive SSDI / SSI Benefits?

SSI Benefits

Some people with life-altering disabilities rely on Supplemental Security Income (SSI benefits), or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). These monthly payments often help with daily expenses and medical bills that otherwise would have been paid in the disability weren’t a factor. In some cases, a person may rely on SSDI or SSI benefits for the rest of their life – but that isn’t always the case. Some disabled people get well enough to return to work – and Social Security has a program to help those receiving benefits get back to work if they so choose. This program is called “Ticket to Work,” and it’s available on an optional basis for people who either become well enough to work, or decide that they would like to return to work for their own personal fulfillment.

Some people receiving SSDI or SSI benefits are worried that if they return to work, they might lose out on their benefit money which in turn would financially jeopardize them if their disability gets worse or they decide returning to work was a mistake from a health stand point. This is false – the Ticket to Work program has many safety nets for those who are unsure about working again but would like to give it a try. One great feature that puts a lot of worry to rest is the “trial work period.” This allows people who enroll in the Ticket to Work program to work in a full time position for a certain amount of time without experiencing a decrease in their benefits just in case the job doesn’t end up working out.

Some of the benefits with the Ticket to Work program and incentives include:

  • Helps increase your income and get back on your feet financially
  • Provides financial stability while you are searching for a job
  • Provides those receiving SSDI or SSI benefits with vocational rehabilitation, training, job referrals and other employment support services free of charge
  • Reviews of your disability to determine if your benefits stop are suspended while you are enrolled in the program
  • Continue to receive your SSDI or SSI benefits and medicare/medicaid benefits while you work
  • In some cases, Social Security will provide extra help with work expenses you might have relating to your disability

If you eventually make enough money at your job to disqualify you for SSDI or SSI benefits, your benefits will stop. This is usually the case with people who had a life-altering injury that prevented them from working for a long period of time, but they slowly recovered enough to begin making a living wage. If you do not make enough money at your Ticket to Work job because your disability prevents you from working many hours during the week, you can still continue to collect your SSDI or SSI Benefits.

To qualify for the Ticket to Work program, you must currently be receiving SSDI or SSI benefits due to a disability and be between the ages of 18 and 64. Visit the Social Security Ticket to Work website to find out more information and to see success stories from other Ticket to Work beneficiaries.

If you or your loved one has applied for SSDI or SSI benefits and have been denied, call Thurswell Law today. Our lawyers are experienced in helping our clients receive the benefits that they need. Your consultation is always free and you will never pay an attorney fee unless we are successful in obtaining benefits for you. Call us today – you only have 60 days from the date you are denied to file an appeal.

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Gerald Thurswell
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