Auto Accidents | Designated Drivers Don’t Always Refrain From Drinking

Auto Accidents

Is your designated driver putting you at risk?

In July’s issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, a new study finds that some designated drivers aren’t completely abstaining from alcohol and could be at risk for causing auto accidents. Researchers tested 1,000 people including 165 self-identified designated drivers as they left bars over a three month period. Out of the 165 designated drivers, how many were actually safe to drive? From the study:

Among 165 designated drivers, 29 had BrAC ≥0.05. Among the 29, median=0.08, mean=0.09, mode=0.07. The median implies that ≥15 were ≤0.08, but there’s not enough information to imply what percent were strictly legal to drive.

65% of the designated drivers tested completely negative for any alcohol in their system, 17% blew from 0.02% to 0.049%, 18% of the drivers measured at 0.05% or higher and about 9% of the designated drivers were over the legal driving limit of 0.08%.

Do people feel that the designated driver program is working to curb DD’s from drinking and causing auto accidents? Some consider 91% of drivers under the legal limit to be a success, but others believe that designated drivers shouldn’t have any alcohol in their systems whatsoever. Some also feel that the focus needs to shift off of designated drivers and onto the lack of public transportation in many cities that can increase the risk of drunk driving accidents.

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Gerald Thurswell
Gerald Thurswell